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Top Tips for Electric Bike Users – How to Improve Range


One of the biggest problems that electric bike riders will face is the range of the battery.  Are you going to run out of power if you do that extra errand?


Electric Bike Range Tips


  1. Every time you set off make sure the battery is full charged – make it a part of your routine that the battery is charged after all journeys to prevent loss of power,
  1. If the power available in your bike is low or likely to run out, simply pedal harder. After all it is a bike too, so pedal harder when taking off and on hills to conserve battery power,
  1. Reducing your speed when being powered by the battery will also improve battery life,
  1. Get yourself a second backup battery that is fully charged at all times. This could be a life saver when you’re at the bottom of a steep hill on a wet Friday evening.


And of course remember to enjoy the ride, as we’ve all dreamed of Volt electric bikes for years and now they’re here.