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Pinnacle E-Bike Range Tips

Tips on Improving the Range of your New Electric Bike

  1. Get a Second Battery – this simple tip doubles the range of your electric bike, greatly improving its functionality, and reliability as a commuting tool,

  1. Keep your tyre pressure up so your tyres are firm. Whether you’re riding a manual pedal bike or an electric bike, firmer tyres mean a better energy exchange. Approx 50 to 60 psi is a good range for electric bikes.

  1. Once your battery starts to deteriorate and lose its charge a little quickly, then replace it. This is an inevitable scenario, when it begins to deteriorate don’t hesitate, just get a new one.

  1. If your bike has a regenerative braking featuring that captures and stores energy, use it. It may be a little or a lot, but it all helps,

  1. Take care of your battery. Keep it away from extremes of hot and cold temperatures, and charge it often. Rechargeable batteries work best when topped up regularly, just think about the phone in your home, if it has a rechargeable battery – most do,

  1. Keep your chain well oiled, to facilitate smooth cycling helping your pedalling motion, and the motor that powers your bike.